How Much Does Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

If you’re struggling with bad indoor air quality, ineffective HVAC systems, and foul odors around your house, the problem may be dirty air ducts. Because it’s complicated, we don’t recommend cleaning them yourself.

Instead, hiring an expert like Clearview Air Duct Cleaning can help, granting you the indoor air quality and customer satisfaction you need. Still, how much does air duct cleaning cost? What determines its pricing, and what are the pricing models? Allow us to explain.

The National Standard

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), air duct cleaning costs range from $450 to $1,000, the national average being $725. The variety in prices is because many factors come into play, such as ductwork size and type, system accessibility, contamination level, and geographical location.

Factors Affecting Air Duct Cleaning Costs

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The various aspects that impact air duct cleaning costs are as follows:

Ductwork Type

Does your home feature foam board, rigid ducts, or flex ducts? Each material requires particular tools and maintenance practices, such as vacuuming, power brushing, and air washing. For example, flex ductwork is more expensive than rigid ductwork, requiring special equipment.

Contamination Extent

How dirty is the ductwork? This question explains the time and work cleaners put in and the amount they charge you. Mold, mildew, debris, and dust buildup may call for specialized equipment and intensive services, which cost up to $6,000 in cases of toxic and hazardous mold.

System Accessibility

Is your air duct system easy to access or not? Cleaning difficult-to-reach ducts and plenums in crawl spaces and attics may come at an extra charge, as they make the job more time-consuming.

Geographical Location

You can understand how much a duct cleaning company will charge you by researching local prices. For instance, California prices range from $222 to $452, whereas Florida prices range from $258 to $518. On another note, your location comes with its unique environmental conditions, which can impact the extent of ductwork contamination and required cleaning.

Pricing Model

Air duct cleaning companies price their services via different models, mainly the number of vents and square footage. Understanding which pricing model they use will help you estimate the costs.

Regarding the number of vents, if you have a big house, it probably has many, which means higher fees. Some companies charge you based on the number of supply vents or the linear feet of vents in the duct system, which cost $25 to $50 per vent, the average cost being $35. As for return vents, they cost $40 to $75 per vent.

Others charge you a flat rate along with a fee per vent or charge you per vent and add overhead costs (like transportation). So, inquire about whole-house flat fees, especially if a company gives you a low estimate.

In the square footage pricing system, an expert calculates their fees according to your home’s square footage. The average cost for air duct cleaning is $0.20 to $0.40 per square, which is $600 to $1,200 for a $3,000 square foot home.

Registers, coils, grilles, drip pans, duct insides, air handlers, and other HVAC parts should be included in this quote. If the price is noticeably lower, inquire if these components are included.

Extra Services

Air Duct Cleaning Cost - A ventilation cleaner man at work with the tool

A duct cleaning company will charge you extra for additional services. Do you want the ductwork cleaning experts to film inside your air ducts? They may run a remote video camera inside for $200 to $500, which allows them to check for mold, debris, pests, damage, dust buildup, and insulation issues. We recommend conducting this inspection once a year.

Is there extreme mold or mildew in the air ducts? Mold removal services cost anything from $2,000 to $6,000 based on the severity of the mold infestation.

If professionals find rats, rodents, or other vermin, you need to get them extracted before they can do their job. An exterminator typically charges $170 to $520 or more in case of severe rodent infestations.

If the duct cleaning company finds damage, your duct system will require repair or replacement. They typically cost $200 to $800 (depending on the damage extent). Other repair jobs, such as furnace and air conditioning repairs, are less expensive because their replacement parts are easier to find. So, they cost $131 to $486 and $100 to $610, respectively.

Also, you might want the cleaning company to clean your dryer vents. After all, if they’re clogged, they can’t function properly (extract heat from your dryer to prevent fires and keep the dryer efficient). This is a necessary measure (at least once a year). It may cost you an extra $40 to $100 or be included in the whole-house cleaning quote.

Another extra service is air duct sealing. Do you want to seal your air ducts with a special coating to plug up leaks? If so, you can expect to pay $1,500 to $4,000 per treatment for experts to mist sealant into the air ducts, covering their internal surfaces.

Last but not least, there’s a fee for extra registers or vents. If the service charges a flat fee for a set number of vents, cleaning extra vents will cost $20 to $25 per register.

Final Verdict

Thanks to the EPA, we know that you typically pay $450 to $1,000 for duct cleaning, with the average sitting at $725.

To estimate your quote, you need to factor in the work and effort experts put in, which depends on the level of contamination, number of vents, additional services, and other factors. Also, is the company charging you per vent, square foot, or via another pricing model?

Companies like Clearview Air Duct Cleaning offer free estimates, so you don’t have to do the math. Schedule an appointment with us to get a quote and improve your indoor air quality.

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